White Shag

Say the name and you can feel it - a velvety touch that could easily give you a rug burn.

With Detroit’s formidable psych-rock power trio White Shag, the emphasis is on the emphasis. Laura Mendoza (vocals/bass), Jorge Cortez (vocals/ guitar) and Joe Leone (drums) aren’t doing their job if they aren’t tearing the place down. Their M.O. is energy and their tastes are for the seediest, prickliest, raucous roots of rock. With A Detroit Music Award for best hard rock band under their belt and a Punk Rock Night Award out of Indianapolis for best non-local rock band, they aren't just taking Detroit by storm, but the nation as well. 2014 in SXSW hadn't seen Detroit rock like this since the garage rock revival back in the early 2000's.

Like a raunchy and rambunctious revivalist tent preaching the good word of grime, grit and spirited rock music –way out by the side of some lost highway haunted with druggy drifters, heartbreaking bikers or amped up alt-rock reverent hedonists in need of their fix for hard chugging grooves, pedal-twisted solos and bursting rhythms, White Shag preach from an altar underneath wax effigies of Iggy Pop while paging through newer testaments from Queens Of The Stone Age.

White Shag is currently gearing up for their next EP release due out late spring/early summer. 

"There are power trios and there is White Shag - a band with a powerful sound that's taking the town of Detroit by storm." -Rock Wired Magazine

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